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SPORT FISHERMAN consider silver salmon the “premier” pacific salmon species, as it is a very aggressive and hard fighting fish. Silvers are characterized by their acrobatic, sizzling runs that will consistently go into the reel’s backing. An average silver weighs about 10½ pounds, but our lodge record is over 22 pounds. Don’t be surprised if you have to rest your arms from time to time! The silver run on the Tsiu is an extremely strong, long-lasting run that occurs from early August through October. The type of tackle fisherman use is fly, casting, or spinning equipment. Eight or nine weight fly-rods are preferred with high capacity reels (to accommodate those long rocket runs!) and medium weight casting and spinning gear. We will provide you with a complete suggested gear list including the type of flies and lures that will bring you the most success. Fishing is included on all of our hunting expeditions where you will have one of our professional fishing guides on hand to show you the best locations on the river.

World Class fishing on our local river system.

Fresh wild salmon straight from the Gulf of Alaska!

Our local river system flowing into the Gulf of Alaska.