Alaska Expedition Lodge, built in 1991 on the “Tsiu River” has been a full service hunting and fishing operation since its existence. Master Guide Charles Allen and wife Jody Allen built the lodge and have been outfitting hunts for nearly 30 years. Registered Guide Jason Semler and wife Leslie Semler now own and operate Alaska Expedition alongside Charles and Jody. Our team of highly qualified registered and assistant guides are sure to work extremely hard toward a successful Alaskan hunt. Whether you’re in chase of the magnificent Alaskan Yukon Moose, the massive Brown Bear, the majestic Mountain Goat or the beautiful Black Bear, Alaska Expedition Lodge is your ticket to experience the true wilds of Alaska.


When choosing an outfitter in Alaska many important factors come into play. Let experience be your guide to hunting Alaska and let true professionals who spend their summers in the bush guiding both hunters and fisherman, guide you on a Alaskan hunt you will forever remember. Our lodge is a full service fishing lodge as well as hunting outfit. Why is this important? Our guides and staff are in the field guiding sport fisherman in the early weeks of August, almost a full month prior to the opening of our fall hunting season. Our guide team knows our hunting area inside and out and are very familiar with our animals and their movements prior to the start of our fall hunting season. Alaska Expedition is a first class remote lodge consisting of 8 Guest cabins joined by a boardwalk equipped with private bathrooms, showers and full service hot water, heat and electric. A two story staff building insures we provide our guests with a proper staff to client ratio. The lodge dining room is constructed of logs that washed up on the beach from the Gulf of Alaska and provides a true rustic setting during meals. Many guests also enjoy the use of our lounge area that allows for a panoramic view of the Robinson Mountains which nestle up to Wrangell St. Elias National Park and North Americas largest glacier, the Bering Glacier. Having the infrastructure of a full service fishing lodge allows us to provide our hunting clients with a level of service unmatched by outfits lacking a true “Base Camp”. You will arrive at our main lodge where you’ll be greeted by our guides and staff and be assigned to one of our guest cabins.  A hearty lunch will be served and the feeling of remote Alaska will finally set in. Soon we will shake out your gear, go over licenses and tags, and sit down to a hunters briefing to discuss our policies in the field. After our hunters briefing we will shoot your rifle to insure it flew to Alaska safely prior to departing with your guide into the back country to begin your Alaskan hunt. Hunters that do not wish to spike out in the back country may choose to hunt from our main lodge and base of operations.

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