Our area carries a high volume of Brown Bear as our lodge is located on one of the largest salmon run rivers in all of Alaska. Our home river provides Brown Bear with a world class run of Coho Salmon assuring them plenty of protein to prepare for winter hibernation so it is only natural to hold a high volume of mature brown bears. We offer both spring and fall hunts here at Alaska Expedition along with lodge based hunts and out camps in prime brown bear habitat. Unit 06 allows hunters to hunt spring or fall every year as we do not have an alternating season like Kodiak or the Alaska Peninsula. We target spring bear April-May and fall bear September-October. One brown bear may be taken by a hunter every regulatory year and does not count against the harvest of one brown bear every four years as other areas of Alaska do. Brown Bear, Trophy Moose and Mountain Goat seasons overlap allowing for a world class combo hunt.


BROWN BEAR HUNTS  with Alaska Expedition take place in the spring and fall every year. In the fall we target areas that overlook salmon run rivers from a select glassing area. Dominant bears tend to frequent the best fishing holes and we have had great success harvesting excellent trophies over the years with some bears squaring in at over 10ft. Our guides are highly trained in bear country and have been guiding brown bear for over 10+ years. Hunting Brown Bear in Alaska can place you in situations where you indulge in long hours glassing where patience and trust in your Guides decision to pursue the right animal are very important. In the spring, our hunts may take place at lower elevations on the coastal grasslands or beaches where bears search for food on heavy snow years or up at higher elevations and closer to mountainous terrain where we search for bears coming out of the den as they prepare for mating season. Our Brown Bear hunts are most commonly combined with our Moose hunts which sets you up for a truly exciting expedition. Being our area has a high population of mature Brown Bear, The Alaska Department of Fish & Game only requires a Brown/Grizzly Bear locking-tag and hunting license to participate in our guided hunts. It is not necessary to draw a permit to hunt Brown Bear in our area.


BROWN BEAR HUNTS are conducted 1 on 1 from either our main lodge or spike camps. Our lodge based hunts provide hunters with the obvious added comforts one would not receive in our spike camps although our spike camps are put together from the finest outdoor equipment. Our equipment has proven to withstand the harsh weather Alaska can throw at you. Top of the line tents, cots, heaters and frozen meals prepared by our lodge chef are provided in our out camps.  Our guides have many years experience of conducting hunts in the field and are trained to provide not only a quality experience while hunting from our spike camps but also know how to insure comfort in the remote wilderness. Alaska Expedition Guides are wilderness first aid trained and have proven to be true professionals in the field on all of our guided hunts.


ALL TROPHIES are cared for in a professional manner. Hides, skulls and horns are brought back from the field where our guides flesh the hide and turn the ears, nose, lips, eyes and remove the feet/knuckles from the trophy. Once complete, our guides will salt the hide to preserve the trophy for the next step in taxidermy to insure your trophy will arrive to our expediter in Anchorage safely. Our skinning and fleshing services are included in the cost of your hunt. All hides, skulls and horns are tagged appropriately with our hunter’s name, address and contact information along with a separate tag with your taxidermist information before it leaves our lodge to the expediter. Expediting fees are not included in the cost of your Alaskan Hunt.

Frequently asked questions

Here at Alaska Expedition our guides have more than 10+ years experience in the field. Our main lodge and base of operations is also a full service sport fishing lodge meaning our guides are in the field longer than just hunting season and build familiarity with animal movements, habitat and location. Having the infrastructure of a full service lodge allows us to accommodate our hunters with a high level of service when it comes to Safety, Camp Locations and Overall Support during your big game hunt.
We are located in Alaska's Game Management Unit 06, on the Gulf Coast between Cordova and Yakutat on the famed Tsiu River.
Absolutely! We encourage our hunters to get out on our local river and cast to our hard fighting silver salmon. The Tsiu River is home to one of the most premier coho salmon fisheries in the state of Alaska according to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. Bring the family back to experience our world class fishery and show the kids a special part of Alaska.
We target Brown Bear both spring and fall here at Alaska Expedition with our spring season commencing in April and May and our fall season taking place in September and October.
Black bear can be hunted both spring and fall here at Alaska Expedition with our spring season commencing in April and May and our fall season taking place in September and October.
Moose hunting begins September 1st for us here at Alaska Expedition. We typically run our moose hunts through mid October but can hunt them till November 30 in our area.
Mountain Goat season begins August 20 and runs till January 31st in our hunting area.
Here at Alaska Expedition we have WiFi internet and Satellite Phone service.
Typically our camp only allows 2 hunters during a period of 7-10 days unless we have special requests. We are not a production outfitter meaning we do not stack a high number of hunters in a area during a short season. Our hunting season is one of the longest seasons in all of Alaska and we choose to space our hunts out over a longer period of time and give our hunters a wider variety of country to hunt during their stay with us.
No, you will have to purchase the correct license and tags applying to the animals of your choice prior to your arrival at Alaska Expedition. Our office will provide you with specific information on how to purchase these licenses online.
Absolutely, references are available upon your request and we highly recommend you check references when selecting the right guide in Alaska.
We target a permitted area of more than 1000+ square miles of some of Alaska's most remote back country.
We conduct hunts from both our main lodge and comfortable tented spike camps.
Yes, we can accommodate non-hunters in the field for an extra fee.
Temperatures are cool. Sunny days are the norm, but rain can be expected at times. Snow is possible, especially in April.
Temperatures are normally mild, but may be cold at night. Weather tends toward rainy, but there will normally be many sunny days. Snow is possible in September and likely in October.
In addition to a hunting license, nonresident hunters must buy appropriate locking tags to hunt big game in Alaska — this tag is locked on the animal immediately after the kill and must remain there until the animal is processed or exported. Brown bears, and black bears from some areas, must also be sealed. This means taking the skull and skin (with claws and evidence of gender attached) to an officially designated sealing officer, who records data on the hunt and the animal and locks a seal on the skin (and skull for bears).
In Alaska, hunters may generally possess and use firearms with few restrictions. State law prohibits the following unless you have been issued a Federal permit to possess such a firearm: Fully automatic firearms Rifles with a barrel less than 16" Shotguns with a barrel less than 18", and Rifles or shotguns less than 26" in total length Rifles, shotguns and handguns are legal for hunting in Alaska. Rimfire cartridges generally may be used only for small game. See the Alaska Hunting Regulations for details.
When targeting Alaska's big game we recommend a rifle of a minimum .30 caliber. Brown Bear and Moose are large animals and we promote quick and ethical harvest methods. Goat hunts do not require a rifle of this caliber.
We recommend sighting your rifle in to 100 yards and knowing where it shoots at 200-300 yards. We typically will not pick a fight with a brown bear over 200 yards as our area is heavily wooded but we ask that you know where your rifle shoots at this distance in the case this matter occurs. You will check your rifle for accuracy upon arrival at the lodge to insure your rifle traveled without being knocked off and is indeed shooting the way you left it. We also ask that you familiarize yourself and practice off shooting sticks before traveling to Alaska.

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A Full Service Alaskan Big Game Guiding & Fishing Operation for Trophy Brown Bear, Yukon Moose, Black Bear & Mountain Goat Since 1989!


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