Sport Fishermen consider silver salmon the “premier” pacific salmon species, as it is a very aggressive and hard fighting fish. Silvers are characterized by their acrobatic, sizzling runs that will consistently go into the reel’s backing. An average silver weighs about 10½ pounds, but our lodge record is over 22 pounds. Don’t be surprised if you have to rest your arms from time to time! The silver run on the Tsiu is an extremely strong, long-lasting run that occurs from early August through October. The type of tackle fisherman use is fly, casting, or spinning equipment. Eight or nine weight fly-rods are preferred with high capacity reels (to accommodate those long rocket runs!) and medium weight casting and spinning gear. We will provide you with a complete suggested gear list including the type of flies and lures that will bring you the most success. Fishing is included on all of our hunting expeditions where you will have one of our professional fishing guides on hand to show you the best locations on the river.

Alaska Expedition Lodge


Jason Semler (pictured left) and his wife Leslie own and operate Alaska Expedition Lodge. Together as a team they help guide outdoorsman from all over the world to a memorable Alaskan experience. Jason, raised in Alaska, is a pilot, Alaska Registered Guide, USCG Licensed Captain and Alaska Fishing Guide. Jason has started from the bottom in his career first becoming a fishing guide and working under the watch of an Alaska Master Guide for many years to then becoming an Alaskan Registered Guide and Bush Pilot.

Jason learned the ways of managing a successful operation and then how to safely pilot a super cub in the Alaskan bush. Jason and his wife Leslie have made the Alaskan Lodge business a lifestyle and look forward to many more years of guiding sportsmen in Alaska.

Alaska Expedition Lodge
Alaska Expedition Hunting, Owner
Alaska Expedition Lodge


Phil Perry (pictured left) is our headhunting guide here at Alaska Expedition Lodge. Phil, an Alaskan resident has hunted every corner of the Last Frontier and is an avid bow hunter. With more than a decade of guiding experience, Phil plays an extremely important role in our hunting operation and lodge marketing during our off season. Whether you are chasing bear or moose, Phil is a proven professional in our industry and a guide you can count on in field. 

Alaska Expedition Lodge
Alaska Expedition Hunting, Guide

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We know the area

Our guide team knows our hunting area inside and out and is very familiar with our animals and their movements prior to the start of our fall hunting season.

A Full Service Alaskan Big Game Guiding & Fishing Operation

Alaska Expedition Lodge, built in 1991 on the “Tsiu River” has been a full service hunting and fishing operation since its existence.

A Full Service Alaskan Big Game Guiding & Fishing Operation for Trophy Brown Bear, Yukon Moose, Black Bear & Mountain Goat Since 1989!

Remote. Wild. Alaska.

A Full Service Alaskan Big Game Guiding & Fishing Operation for Trophy Brown Bear, Yukon Moose, Black Bear & Mountain Goat Since 1989!

Our team of highly qualified registered and assistant guides are sure to work extremely hard toward a successful Alaskan hunt.

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