The North Gulf Coast & Prince William Sound is known for producing some of the largest black bear in the state of Alaska. Unit 06 provides black bears with premium habitat from Glacial moraines and coastal grass lands to berry covered slopes at higher elevations. Our spring hunts consist of targeting black bears at lower elevations where they forage on new spring growth and wild strawberries as where our fall hunts generally take place at high elevations that consist of fall berry crop. The black bears taken in our hunting area are known for their supreme thick black coats and excellent claws. Black bear hunts may also be added onto any of our other trophy big game hunts.

OUR BLACK BEAR hunts are typically combined with our Brown Bear or Mountain Goat hunts, not to say they can’t be combined with our Moose hunts. Season begins August 20 and runs till June 30 of the following spring.  The Black Bear has thrived on the Gulf Coast due to the vast remoteness and densely wooded spruce forest providing excellent cover and safety from the larger Brown Bear. Our guides are very selective when taking Black Bear and look to harvest mature bears in the 6 ft or larger class with some bears squaring well over 7 ft. Being our area has an abundant number of Black Bear, our hunts are fair chase, spot and stalk rather than baited and are conducted 1 on 1 with you and the guide unless another hunter or non-hunter join you at your request. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game regulations state that in all areas of the state during Jan 1-May 31, edible meat must be salvaged and removed from the field.


BLACK BEAR HUNTS are conducted 1 on 1 from either our main lodge or spike camps. Our lodge based hunts provide hunters with the obvious added comforts one would not receive in our spike camps although our spike camps are put together from the finest outdoor equipment. Our equipment has proven to withstand the harsh weather Alaska can throw at you. Top of the line tents, cots, heaters and frozen meals prepared by our lodge chef are provided in our out camps.  Our guides have many years experience of conducting hunts in the field and are trained to provide not only a quality experience while hunting from our spike camps but also know how to insure comfort in the remote wilderness. Alaska Expedition Guides are wilderness first aid trained and have proven to be true professionals in the field on all of our guided hunts


All trophies are cared for in a professional manner. Hides and skulls are brought back from the field where our guides flesh the hide and turn the ears, nose, lips, eyes and remove the feet/knuckles from the trophy. Once complete, our guides will salt the hide to preserve the trophy for the next step in taxidermy to insure your trophy will arrive to our expediter in Anchorage safely. Our skinning and fleshing services are included in the cost of your hunt. All hides and skulls are tagged with our hunter’s name, address and contact information along with a separate tag with your taxidermist information before it leaves our lodge to the expediter. Expediting fees are not included in the cost of your Alaskan Hunt.