OUR COASTAL HABITAT and surrounding area consisting of deep mountain valleys, vast swamp lands, heavily wooded spruce forest and wild rivers allow these animals the opportunity to grow quite large. It is not uncommon to take bulls well into the 60+ inch range with some bulls coming in at over 70+ inches. Moose season begins September 1st here at Alaska Expedition where the beginning of our season is pre-rut. Our hunts are conducted in specific locations that are known to hold quality numbers of trophy bulls and cows where our professional guides use calling methods to pull these giants from the thick spruce or heavily covered swamps. Combine Moose with Brown Bear, Black Bear or Mountain Goat for a world class combination hunt.

MOOSE HUNTS with Alaska Expedition are proven to be exciting hunts. Our hunts cover a large area of remote Alaska where we have access to extremely wild country, Moose inhabit the rivers and wetland marshes in close vicinity to our main lodge where we utilize our specialty shallow water boats to gain access. Chest waders are typically part of our day to day operations as moose love areas that hold water. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game requires moose have a minimum spread of 50 inches or a minimum of 3 or more brow tines on at least 1 side to be considered legal. Here at Alaska Expedition, we strive to target bulls in the 60 inch or better class to insure we are taking mature bulls from our hunting area. Once a moose is harvested the real work begins. Our guides take great appreciation in processing of this natural resource and all edible meat is packed and delivered back to our main lodge. Once we have your moose back at the main lodge, we will process and package your meat for easy transport in our airline approved boxes.


OUR MOOSE HUNTS are conducted 1 on 1 from either our main lodge or spike camps. Our lodge based hunts provide hunters with the obvious added comforts one would not receive in our spike camps although our spike camps are put together from the finest outdoor equipment. Our equipment has proven to withstand the harsh weather Alaska can throw at you. Top of the line tents, cots, heaters and frozen meals prepared by our lodge chef are provided in our out camps.  Our guides have many years experience of conducting hunts in the field and are trained to provide not only a quality experience while hunting from our spike camps but also know how to insure comfort in the remote wilderness. Alaska Expedition Guides are wilderness first aid trained and have proven to be true professionals in the field on all of our guided hunts.


ALL TROPHIES are cared for in a professional manner. Hides, skulls, antlers and horns are brought back from the field where our guides flesh the hide and turn the ears, nose, lips, eyes and remove the feet/knuckles from the trophy. Once complete, our guides will salt the hide to preserve the trophy for the next step in taxidermy to insure your trophy will arrive to our expediter in Anchorage safely. Our skinning and fleshing services are included in the cost of your hunt. All hides, skulls and horns are tagged appropriately with our hunter’s name, address and contact information along with a separate tag with your taxidermist information before it leaves our lodge to the expediter. Expediting fees are not included in the cost of your Alaskan Hunt.