A CHALLENGING HUNT  to say the least, The Mountain Goat in our area are known for their unbelievable thick shaggy coats as they frequent areas close to the many glaciers surrounded by the Bagley Ice field. Many record book quality goats have come from our hunting unit because of the difficulty to access the remoteness of our location and the shear number of book quality animals. Being our area is surrounded by many glaciers, our goats tend to have thicker coats earlier than other areas in Alaska. Weather always plays a role in our decisions to tackle goat country as safety is always our primary concern. We are very selective on our goat hunts as this is a very challenging experience and is not meant for everyone. With this said, we conduct a low number of goat hunts to insure we can provide the absolute best service possible to our clients. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game surveys the goat population in our area and we monitor the harvest quotas and statistics religiously. August 20 is opening day for goat in our area and runs till January 31st of the following year. All of our goat hunts are typically 1 on 1 with a guide depending on the area we choose to target. In some cases a 2nd guide or packer will accommodate this true mountain expedition.

MOUNTAIN GOAT live in some of the steepest and roughest terrain in all of Alaska. Our coastal habitat and location not only proves to be prime habitat for goat but also one of the top areas in The Last Frontier. Hunts consist of extreme hiking and not always pleasant weather conditions and this is just another reason why we are very selective with out hunters. Mountain Goat hunts in our area are conducted by a permit available online with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. We will help in assisting you to select the appropriate permit as our area is not a draw area. Our guides are trained and know when to pursue an animal or when to pass on an animal as some opportunities aren’t meant to be and retrieval can be next to impossible. We trust in our guides decisions on the mountain and we trust you will to. Give us a call today for more information on our Trophy Mountain Goat Hunts if you feel this hunt is for you.


OUR GOAT HUNTS are conducted 1 on 1 from spike camps. At Alaska Expedition, our spike camps are put together from the finest outdoor equipment. Our equipment has proven to withstand the harsh weather Alaska can throw at you. Top of the line Hilleberg tents, cots, and heaters are provided in our out camps. Depending on the location of this expedition, we typically stock our camps with freeze dried meals as this is the most efficient and lightest method to tackle goat country.  Our guides have many years experience of conducting hunts in the field and are trained to provide not only a quality experience while hunting from our spike camps but also know how to insure comfort in the remote wilderness. Alaska Expedition Guides are wilderness first aid trained and have proven to be true professionals in the field on all of our guided hunts. All edible goat meat is packed off the mountain and brought back to our main lodge for processing. Airline approved boxes are provided for safe and easy travel to your final destination.


ALL TROPHIES are cared for in a professional manner. Hides, skulls, antlers and horns are brought back from the field where our guides flesh the hide and turn the ears, nose, lips, eyes and remove the feet/knuckles from the trophy. Once complete, our guides will salt the hide to preserve the trophy for the next step in taxidermy to insure your trophy will arrive to our expediter in Anchorage safely. Our skinning and fleshing services are included in the cost of your hunt. All hides, skulls and horns are tagged appropriately with our hunter’s name, address and contact information along with a separate tag with your taxidermist information before it leaves our lodge to the expediter. Expediting fees are not included in the cost of your Alaskan Hunt.