Alaska Department of Fish & Game Hunt Links

Following are Numerous Links to Valuable Information Provided by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game – Division of Wildlife Conservation:   Alaska Guide Requirements for Alaska Hunting   Hunting Brown/Grizzly and Black Bears in Alaska   Moose Hunting in Alaska   Identifying a Legal Moose in Alaska   Dall Sheep Hunting in Alaska   Alaska Dall Sheep Hunting – Judging Full Curl Rams   Dall’s Sheep Hunting – Full Curl Dall Ram Examples   Dall’s Sheep – Alaska’s Horn Sealing Requirements   Physical and Mental Preparations for Alaskan Hunts   Firearms and Ammunition Recommendations   Tips on Sighting in Your Rifle for an Alaskan Hunt   Shot Placement on Alaska Big Game Animals   Travel Safety, First Aid and Survival Skills   Leave No Trace – Low Impact Camping Techniques   Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) – Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series   Moose (Alces alces)– Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series   Dall Sheep (Ovis dalli dalli)- Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series   Black Bear – Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series   Wolf – Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series   Wolverine – Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series   Alaska Department of Fish and Game – Home Page   Alaska Hunting and Trapping – General Information   Hunting & Trapping Regulations   Alaska Hunting & Trapping Licenses and Permits Home Page